We asked marketers, to share observations about evolving digital marketing scenario, and what they as marketers would like to see happening better in 2017. But before that, a look in the past –

2016 Digital Marketing Skills

Before we look at the skills quoted by our members, here is what some of the marketing leaders had to say in 2016 –

Hitesh Rajwani, Head – Social Samosa

  • – Undersanding of how human psyche changes with technology
  • – Content Marketing
  • – Data driven marketing

Saurov Kakoti, Independent Project Consultant (Ex OML)

  • Platform relevance

Dhananjay Sahasrabuddhe, Marketing Manager, MTV India

  • Be a student always
  • Know the media game
  • Focus on solving business problems

Dakshin Adyanthaya, Vice President – Digital Marketing at miSport / PitchVision

  • Innovate
  • Experiment
  • Evolve


Now, here is on to 2017

Some of the incremental improvements that marketers would like to see are listed here.

  1. Being spends conscious – if there is such a term – is good.

Not wanting to go overboard with spends is something which comes naturally to many, but try not to over kill with the urge to control costs.

Spend how much is required, keep stringent checks on how it is being spent and stay on the course. But don’t go on a miserly track just because… cost control.

2. The good old fundamentals of marketing will continue to be relevant in 2017.

There is more science to marketing, some may say, than ever before. There is more pace, agility, math and complexity and more problems to deal with for marketers and brands. But the basics always have, and always will stay relevant.

Is this one of the reasons, why traditional advertising companies have been able to retain a good amount of clientele, many a times at the cost of new age digital marketing companies. It is often noticed that it takes different experience altogether to be very good at copy writing skills. What new age, 360 degree digital marketing companies miss, is maybe the wisdom of the old bottle. Maybe it is time agencies re-looked at gaining fresh skills if their business model permits.

3. Digital marketing is a low cost medium. Time to bust this myth.

Do not confuse low costs of acquisitions with overall budgets, is what Neha is saying here.

Online advertising platforms have proved to be giving significant cost savings and faster lead generation with better qualification rates. This doesn’t mean you can spend miniscule amounts to get there. Very often, you would still need good amount of budgets to be able to run those digital marketing campaigns.

4. Routine performance reports, age old metrics.

There is an AdWords account that I recently analysed – spends Rs. 50,00,000 and all that the automated scripts do is create reports of CTRs, CPCs, Quality scores and Average positions.

So many brands have moved on to better reporting that focuses on business goals in addition to platform provided numbers.

There is an agency in Ahmedabad, which charges Rs. 15,000 for providing analytics of Facebook page. You know what they do? Download report from Facebook ad platform and send it to the client after adding own logo to it.

2017, needs better reporting and better metrics in review meetings.

5. Leads, leads, leads. Not much to talk apart from it.

Sustenance of many businesses is dependent on leads, but brands would do good if they get out of the vicious cycle of lead generation campaigns. Brands that are loved, get more sales. And bumper ads, display ads, form fill ads, landing pages are not particularly known to make users fall in love with a brand.

6. Hiring marketers in 2017

Enough said.

7. Different products, different campaigns

Brands are known to run same remarketing banner images that link to multiple landing pages of different products. Or is it a case of lazy campaign setup?

One cannot say for sure what leads to marketers running vanilla campaigns for different products. But, life would be so much simpler, if the complex campaigns are setup.

8. Change is inevitable.

If we take a look few things that changed in 2016 – Marketing automation acceptance increased, wearables market took strides ahead, search engines saw a drop in traffic as people started searching outside search engines, virtual reality emerged in a big way catching everyone’s attention, apps and mobile marketing saw significant changes and simplification, lead generation channels other than google emerged, remarketing evolved, Google changed its SERP appearance to corner more traffic from paid clicks, Twitter game has changed for advertisers…. list goes on. And that is just 2016.

Marketers should be ready for surprising changes in 2017 too. Be ready to accept the changes and unlearn their hard earned skills or knowledge.

9. And finally, we end with a brief note on the importance of experiment campaigns.

Platforms offer lot of options for marketers to test different messaging, ad copies, landing pages, color combinations, placement of buttons, size of CTAs, funnels and a lot more.

2017, will demand more experimentation from marketers. And we wish, that we are up to it.

Thanks for reading through. You can catch up with our team at the upcoming digital marketer’s meetup at Pune on 3rd Feb 2017 🙂

Joining us will be Nilotpal Neil Roy, Head Subject Matter Expert & currently Program Marketing Manager & Growth Strategist at UpGrad, Nidhi Singh, Sr. Manager Marketing Communications and Leads National & International Email and Social Media Marketing Team, EduPristine, Anand Kumar, Founder, Lavenir Institute Of Professional Studies, Harshit Gupta, Founder, NSDM INDIA and Obaid Khan, COO, Infinite1 Ventures and Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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