Having Google AdWords platform understanding is commonly seen in the marketing universe populated by digital marketing enthusiasts. But a common refrain of the agencies and brands is that the right talent is difficult to hire.

As we gear up for the launch of our digital marketing course, the primary issue of skills shortage and upgradation is on the top of our minds.

Here is an analysis and conversation reportage on this particular challenge that our fraternity is facing:

Where do interviewees lack in Google AdWords?

Most of them seem partly aware of the technical skills expected from them, but a lot of the interviewees do not think of application.

a)      How one can get under the skin of the client

b)     What would people be searching for the client on Google and

c)      What would work for the client

These are some of the areas where many candidates do not spend their energies.

The commonly seen approach is to do account setup and not really take the leap to do a slightly better job to get the campaigns performing. On questions such as what to do when campaigns are not able to consume budget, candidates are not able to answer or think about what they really need to do as a problem solver.

At times, they seem to be stuck at “Tell me what to do and I will do it”.

It is felt that agencies or brands often get PPC campaigner to do narrow scope of work. We prefer people who are focused not just on AdWords, but are also aware of the marketing aspect at least a little bit.

You don’t want someone to just overlook the campaigns, but also someone who does little bit of thinking on own, is ready to spend time understanding the client, and does independent research.

How many interviews did you need to take before finding the right candidate?

12 to 15 interviews need to be taken on an average. It is not a small number because, the HR first goes through 100s of CVs and then shortlists candidates. Out of these 12 to 15, time investment to reach to the right candidate from the leadership team is huge. Also, sometimes you bank upon your interview process and instinct and hope that the candidate will realise the potential that they had shown in the interview.

On the job training polishes the candidates but actually being hands on and actually solving problems is critical for a real life situation. We are talking about scenarios like

a)      Not able to get the right leads

b)     Not able to achieve the objectives client is looking for

That is something the candidates should be able to think and do.

Even the good guys are not really exposed to such situations and they may take a little time to mature through. But the attitude has to be towards solving the problem and ideate.

After a PPC campaigner joins, how is the performance in initial few weeks?

There is always a learning curve. Initial few days are spent in getting acclimatised, in reporting and supporting the existing guys who are running the accounts, and then you give them more work. With high spending accounts, which are already stable the problems are relatively few. There are always accounts which need attention and in such cases the guy should be business aware and should be owning the account and taking initiatives to get things better with the campaigns.

In case of some of the customers, especially promoter driven companies, the challenges are unique. An acute awareness that you are spending someone else’s money has to be there and the confidence that you are careful about spending the money has to be absolutely there.

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