24adp 2015 Speakers & Agenda

About Us


Community Driven


The most important characteristic of this conference - it was conceptualized, organized & executed by marketers from different organizations. 

Neither of us - Neha Revankar, Ashish Dasharathi, Sanjay Mahajan, Rahul Ghike, Kaustubh Atre and several others - had any prior experience of organizing an event at this scale. Nor were we accomplished marketers by any measure.

Volunteering after office hours, we pooled in resources, went from agency to agency and planned it. 

Several unsung heroes contributed in big or small way.


Special Thanks


Our first meetup was sponsored by Brainstorm Force. The laptops for speakers were loaned by Babasaheb Lokhande - now an SEO manager & Nilesh Patil, now a digital marketing leader. 

Creatives were designed by Anikait Chavan, himself a proven entrepreneur now.

Neha planned the whole event & led it from the front. 

Several marketers contributed to the promotions, word of mouth, speaker coordination, video interviews & a lot more activities.

More milestones will be achieved in coming times !