Cut out a lot of noise, the past 4 days I have tried to stay away from the omnipresent mother of all apps – WhatsApp

I Missed

  • Family updates – good mornings, good nights, good evenings, good puppies, cute cats & some other shit
  • Friend’s updates – jokes, puzzles, sudokus, college memories, cussing, wife jokes, husband jokes, sex jokes, Pakistan jokes, ethnic jokes, Indian jokes, cussing & swearing.
  • Sunny Leone morphed jokes
  • Morphed jokes of politicians – from Rahul Gandhi to Arvind Kejriwal
  • Awesome Alia Bhatt jokes – She has tranformed her brand and has a lot to thank WhatsApp for that apart from All India Bakchod
  • Reminders to stay active in the group – this is a particular irritant
  • Polls where 91% say group admin should give a party – Though I am yet to give a party to those that I am admin of, I have made some progress in this.
  • Same hideous messages circulating in parallel groups – Multiple copies of same images and videos in gallery, pointing to the fact that same messages keep getting shared in a 2-3 day’s duration. This takes up lot of memory space & made me most glad about not having been on WhatsApp for the last four days.
  • Manager & employer related jokes – sick & tired of these, these are likely candy crush saga invites on Facebook.

Which are the “Most happening” groups on WhatsApp-

By far, this has to be friend’s groups. It’s like when you put your guard down. It’s the reason why you put password lock to your gallery.

Most dull group-

Professional groups. Like work groups, peer groups, team groups. These are the most silent types of groups. Like when Ramgarh goes silent when Gabbar singh turns up.

Most happening conversations-

Friends pulling legs. And relative’s conversations. Indians must be way ahead in this regards and WhatsApp has certainly contributed towards increasing conversations in families separated by distance. Helps a lot of people getting close to their maasis, chaachus, bros, sisters, grandparents & all sorts.

Awareness about what not to share-

Lately, there have been messages circulating in many groups asking people to be sensible when posting. Especially in case of sarcastic or funny politician images & posts that may hurt religious sentiments.

This is a good sign of increased awareness. People pay attention when they read of group admins & members being arrested, their phones being confiscated amongst other things.

Content sources for WhatsApp-

You can find a host of WhatsApp related websites that have sprung up.

FB Page:

This one has some seriously hilarious images. Boasts of 2,716,290 likes.


With 1561 tweets, it has 2.09 million followers. That’s more insane than getting sold for 19 billion dollars.

It apparently has a record for maximum messages sent in a day through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Downtime:

Have you ever faced WhatsApp downtime? May be no. That’s because WhatsApp monitors downtimes & takes corrective actions fast. The last one was long time ago though.

WhatsApp downtime’s also a source for some relief, and some twitter fodder.

WhatsApp’s User Experience:

Apart from the hugely popular app itself, user experience people might like to check which has a neat UX. Its interface is uber optimized.

Loads damn fast and has only the minimum content that’s required. Compare that with the shit websites that many organizations make. Their FAQ is so tiny ! Yet, don’t feel if anything is missed out.

Also, when was the last time a WhatsApp user had to visit their FAQ section?

Well, that’s about the roundup of my WhatsApp break.

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