Pune Digital Marketers recently organized an Email Marketing Meetup.

Here are the key lessons/ observations.

Email Marketing is Quality Content sharing & not “Bulk Emailing”.

Many consider it an unethical way to generate leads or sales. We found some online marketers avoiding the meetup simply because they perceive email marketing as something they would rather not do because it is not a good way of doing online marketing.

Canned Response, Autoresponder, Boomerang and Mailchimp are used for online marketing.

If some guru tells five things to do on email marketing, he is telling so on his experience. You need to experiment. Don’t fool the customers like TOI does.

That’s right. One of our participants mentioned TOI’s name, and that he feels that it’s titles are something else and inside content is something that varies/not entirely relevant. We haven’t yet verified this comment. Watch this space.

You need to customize emailers. Email marketing should be done when you make some sense to your readers and if your audience gets value out of it.

People buy not for what you are selling. But for what you believe in.

Pune Digital Marketers is a group of online marketers in Pune, India. It organizes regular meetups on topics relevant to digital marketing. It is a group of 170+ digital marketers when last counted.

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