It is a commonly held assumption, that CEOs, decision makers, CXOs or senior designates/professionals are not active on Facebook, and that their pages are MANAGED by agencies, marketers or office staff.

However, times are a changing.

It all started with a customer posting images of milk packets from the Chitale brand, that got delivered WITHOUT a date stamp to it.

No need to emphasize how highly noticed is the date stamp on a milk packet. So when a customer took to the awesomely popular group Pune Eat Outs on Facebook, it was but natural for the amazing group members to once again spring to help with their comments.

Within an hour of the original post going live, someone from the group had already tagged Indraneel â€“ the young scion from the 2nd generation of a business known for awesome product quality & very loyal consumer base – Chitale Bandhu business group.

His reply here to the original post was a comment that was highly appreciated – and should I add  – didn’t look scripted at all.

At last count, the comment was liked 84 times – organic likes, and genuinely in appreciation.

What followed was quick appreciation about how the leadership team at Chitale Bandhu is taking personal interest in ensuring quick response, and the PEOple – Pune Eat Outs people – noticed the personal responses. Brand Chitale just reinforced their fan following, earned more loyalty & most likely some more loyal customers.

This is just one instance of how a CEO has used facebook, to achieve something extraordinary, from the ordinary.

Which leads to the question – Are CEOs not present on social media? Why just CEOs, are decision makers, people with purchasing power not present on social media?

Have you not noticed that many senior designates, CEOs, founders are quite active on digital media, including Facebook, personally sharing & engaging with others via personal timeline or groups. Not so much on twitter though. Yes of course, LinkedIn is there, but the number of such professionals who are handy with Facebook, sometimes seems to be more than those who are active on LinkedIn.

Many marketers wonder, if they can run ads or campaigns that target such leaders, and if yes, then how? The question is how we can engage with them on Facebook & LinkedIn as a business?  ðŸ™‚ At least one thing is for sure, many of the CEOs, CXOs are are there, in person, quite actively reading & engaging.

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